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Paris 2022


Satsang in Paris!



Jivamukti Tribe Gathering is a four-day Yoga festival celebrating Life and expressing our love and devotion through collective yoga practice, chanting, meditation and satsang. For the first time ever Paris welcomes the worldwide yoga community to join us at our annual Gathering, featuring classes with top Jivamukti Yoga teachers from around the world. Our evening lineup will feature Kirtan, Concerts, Satsang and amazing food! For Jivamukti Students, Teachers, and Yoga Lovers from all across the world! EVERYONE, regardless of age or level, if you are student, teacher, many years practitioner, or new to Yoga, is welcome! Join us!

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Global teachers, amazing guest artists and activists.


Workshops, meditations, open classes and more!


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In and around Paris.


is often defined as the company of like-minded people in pursuit of the truth.

When a tribe’s common interest is pursuit of truth – then it is a satsang

The JIVAMUKTI YOGA global satsang is a tribe.

our calling

Empowering humans to cultivate actions based on compassion, non-violence and love.

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TRIBE 2022



in pictures

Opening night was just magic! Lady Ruth in particular stood out and had us all crying with laughter. What a night!“

Tribe Gathering participan, Berlin 2019

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